Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Mitchell Yellen: Successful And Sustainable Financial Planning

Mitchell Yellen has been an effective and positive influence in the financial planning industry for many years, choosing to let his faith and character motivate him towards financial strategies that are built on sound practices and values rather than risk and greed.  

Mitchell first began to notice major flaws in the traditional financial system while he was working as a money manager for Park Avenue Securities, where he worked for 13 years.  During his time there, he saw firsthand the unscientific and risky approach to investing and financial planning that is widely accepted and pursued on a regular basis.  Mitchell and his wife, Windsor, had left their acting careers in Hollywood and moved to Northern California to find a better environment and lifestyle in which to start a family, and as a man of faith and integrity, he simply could no longer support a financial system whose very premise seemed to be based on a fraudulent ideology.  

Mitchell decided to leave his profitable contract at Park Avenue Securities so that he could pursue a new approach to investing and financial planning.  Based partly on successful businessmen such as Walt Disney and Leland Stanford, as well as close friends who had amassed substantial wealth on their own, Mitchell developed his new strategy around the concept of becoming your own personal bank.  Mitchell quickly put his new strategies to work in his own investments and business pursuits and was soon teaching and advising others using the building blocks of his success.

Today, Mitchell and his family reside in Colorado Springs, where he continues to offer financial planning advice at the Personal Equity Institute using historical analysis, common sense, and the Be the Bank process.  Mitchell’s financial guidance has helped many respected business owners and investors as well as noted hall-of-famers Pat Boone and Rick Barry.  He is also currently developing his successful Pinery Enterprises wedding and events centers, putting the sound principles and methods he teaches into action.